I’m a Brand Designer and Art Director. I currently live in Oakland, CA and work at UX firm Adaptive Path, branding their line of events. Besides visual design, I also work in motion design, photography, illustration, type design, design research, and other related fields. Basically, anything that makes me a more effective brand designer, I’m interested in.

I want to collaborate and experiment, and surround myself with like-minded individuals. I see design as a wonderful mixture of my two interests: obsessive attention to detail and earnest self-expression. If that sounds like the type of person you’d like to work with, reach out to me. If you’re really gung-ho about it, you can go ahead and download my resumé.

If you want to learn a little more about me, you can find some of my work online. Check out my dribbble account for some wacky illustrations. My Unsplash page has some of my amateur photography. Vaguely Uneasy is my weird moodboard for future projects. My twitter is weird and you probably shouldn’t look at it. It’s mostly surreal tweets about typography.