Caffé Ladro is a Seattle roasting house that goes above and beyond with their product. They approached me with the task of redesigning their coffee bag and cold brew packaging. They already have lots of associations built around their brand, so we opted to leave the existing logo and Ladro Orange unchanged.

We ended up landing on a visual system that boldly featured those elements, and tied in new colors, patterns, and icons. The bags are built modularly, giving Ladro the option to extend their line without needing an extensive packaging redesign. One feature I’m particularly fond of: Ladro specifically requested a roast level indicator on the front of the bag that included an option for “TOO DARK.” The inside joke being that Ladro would NEVER roast their coffee too dark, so this level remains unused.
The stark orange front of the bag design is offset by the bag’s edges, with a darker color and a pattern drawing the eye down to an iconographic system providing brewing recommendations. The icons are built to work in single colors, with complicated coffee-tech simply illustrated.