Adaptive Path events asked me to make some concepts for a potential website redesign in 2018-2019. This is what I proposed. It’s a pretty stark re-imagining based on some research I put together.

I started the project by building a site map, using the event LX: Leading Experience as a reference. From there, I helped lead several workshops with the events team to  determine pain-points and brainstorm solutions. From there, the developer and I worked to build out a budget on each individual change / update so we could cost out the entire project before moving forward. 

As you can see on one of the current event pages, speaker lists, workshop lists, and the schedule as their own separate page. I proposed that we remove that weird distinction, and instead provide people with what they actually need: a single, cohesive, good-looking place to access all the event information. 

I eventually settled on a design that imagined the website as a split-screen schedule, with info for each of the four days going down the website. On the nav bar is a button to jump between days, making it a little easier to get around. The three events are separated by different logo treatments and color, but otherwise were entirely modular and identical (and thus, easier to navigate between them.)

This approach comfortably solved a lot of the problems Adaptive Path faces with their current events websites, and also allows Adaptive Path to create NEW event pages as necessary, simply by plugging in a new color and X treatment.