I built this website for SX Intensive 2017, a three-day service design workshop in Austin, Texas. The design is built to be responsive and accessible, while still offering a level of excitement for the event itself.

This website packs a lot of complicated information into a small space. Adaptive Path wanted particular days called out, titled and described, as well as requiring a cohesive photographic treatment. The visual system underwent a lot of slow tweaking to get it where it is, which involved me being in direct and constant contact with our developers. Ultimately, they didn’t kill me for asking them to change the letter-spacing for the 3rd time and we put together a pretty attractive and clear site.

One particularly interesting piece of UX was the entryway to buying a ticket itself. We wanted to make it as clear and accessible as possible to get from any page to purchasing a ticket. So how do you make it obvious where to purchase a ticket? Well, making the “Register Here!” button big and pulsing is one way. On each page “Register here!” gently wafts up and down, catching your eye.

if you’d like to click through the site yourself, check it out here. I also directed, edited and produced short promotional videos for SX Intensive, one of those videos is included below.